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pencil The New Rich Mom was founded in 2009 by an expat mom in the Middle East. Her own experience led her to discover that a mother has the right to enjoy both worlds of motherhood and personhood.

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marker Before you became a mother, you’re, first, a person. As you grow your children, don’t forget that you have yourself to grow, too. Discover your passion so you can do the work that you’re meant to be. We’ll help you.

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settings2Are you a mom, working or not, who wants to discover on how you can enjoy both worlds of motherhood and personhood? Anywhere around the world, you can join The New Rich Mom Club. Sign up now!

” Motherhood and personhood — two different worlds that should be dealt with by any woman, in particular, a mom. One should not be sacrificed in favor of the other. While, oftentimes, we forget our own personhood the moment we become mothers, we should realize that we can give more to our children if we’re able to maximize and enjoy as well our own personhood. At The New Rich Mom, we’ll help you enjoy both worlds. ” ~ Dessie Urbano Tubale – Founder, The New Rich Mom


Discover your passion

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